The Legion walks again!

Had a game of Epic yesterday for the first time in a long long time (this one was for you, Bruce, you old warhorse)! Looking at my old models, I can see how far my painting has come over the last 20 years! But the old minis still hold up well and it all looks awesome set out on the table. I was very rusty with the rules. but as we played, it all started coming back to me. I absolutely love the grand scale – it’s like playing Apocalypse in 40K, only a lot more manageable! Infantry die like flies, whole tank squadrons get wiped out in one go… fantastic!

The Rising Sun Chapter of the Space Marines and the Legio Tempestus face off against the Death Guard led by Mortarion and the World Eaters near an Imperial city on the edge of the badlands.



Marines of the Assault company get to grips with a squadron of Chaos Land Raiders and are counter-charged by Bloodletters! In Epic, Assault Marines can actually kick ass!


Grey Knights take it to Mortarion! The demon Primarch’s plaguewind killed one stand before it burned itself out. In the ensuing combat, the Grey Knights almost took him down, but Mortarion destroyed the Emperor’s finest!


The Chaos Banelord Titan skulks behind a building. Good thing too, because when it finally emerged into the crosshairs of the Loyalist Warlord Titan…


ENGINE KILL! The resulting explosion destroyed a nearby building and entirely wiped out the World Eaters swarming at the traitor machine’s feet! AWESOME!


Ah, what a game! Many thanks to my friend Stephen for playing – it was fun to introduce him (he was 3 years old when I first started playing Epic) to an old game that laid the foundations for much of what 40K is today. Certainly Epic Space Marine was one of GW’s best designs. Too bad they’ve killed it off. But, as long as a game is being played it is never dead. In the far reaches of the galaxy, the armies still clash and the Legions still walk!


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  1. gravenimage Says:

    Reblogged this on Model Madness and commented:
    I had the chance to play a game of Epic with a tabletop gaming veteran. It was awesome! The more I branch out of 40k, the more systems I learn to love because they’re easier or more fun in one way or another.

    Epic’s great because of the gee-whiz factor of blowing up entire companies in one go, Titans duking it out, and general apocalyptic mayhem not often seen on a board of 40k. The order token system was nice since it prevented someone from languishing for too long on a decision — you have to lay down a token about as quickly as your opponent, and those lay the groundwork for everything that happens during that turn.

    Also, since players take turns with different actions instead of waiting for the other player to move and shoot everything in existence, it’s a lot easier to stay engaged and focused. I hope to get more games of Epic in in the future!

  2. Great to see Epic armies in action! I used to play against those Demon Engines of Khorne a lot, while Epic it was my most played gaming system for years. Recently started putting together an Imperial Guard force for 2nd Edition and digging up what’s left of my Orks but haven’t actually played for ages.

  3. Woohoo! It’s great to see those ancient miniatures that I used to blow up! What rules set did you play? Epic Armageddon? Epic 40K? Space Marine?

  4. Epic is an excellent game and one I play quite often myself! Great looking models here too, well done sir!

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