Clubbing baby seals

Here’s a question. When you want to introduce someone to a new game, and sit down to play with them for the first time, do you let them win so as to not discourage them and bring them back to the table?

With good friends whom I know well, I do my best to win, play fair and teach them the game at the same time. I will give advice about the best moves to make, or present the potential outcomes of an action so they can choose what to do.

When I teach a game to someone I’ve never met before, usually in my capacity as a representative of the store, I definitely go easy on them. I do much the same thing as when I’m teaching a friend, but with a stranger, I will sometimes make a sub-optimal move. But for the most part, I’m less invested in winning the game than I am teaching it and showing the other person a good time. If they tell me to cut loose, that’s fine and I’ll do my best to win. I just feel that when you’re trying to show someone a good time, crushing them utterly doesn’t help toward that goal. The goal is teaching the game, not winning.

I’ve been on the receiving end of the baby seal clubbing, and it has soured my experience and put me off a game or two here and there over the years. Only human I suppose.

All that said, it’s not like I win a lot of games anyway! 😛

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