Dropzone Commander first impression

Just got my hands on a copy of the Dropzone Commander Starter Set. I was interested in this game before but now I’m super hot to play it. The production values are off the chart, the minis are top notch and the game looks like a blast to play. Finding a real high-tech themed, hard-SF minis game these days is not so easy and Dropzone Commander looks to take the top spot here. It strongly reminds me of Mass Effect in its themes (particularly the idea that Earth was lost to alien invaders and humanity is launching a counterattack to reconquer the homeworld) and designs.

You can find videos and pictures of the minis all over the place, so I won’t post any pics till I have the set painted. I’m going straight for the UCM minis since they’re closest to real-world military paint schemes. I figure Army Painter color primer will make these go super quick and I can get them into action fast. Ack, can’t wait to get some painting time in again!

Now, longtime readers of this blog will know I love me some hard-SF gaming and Stargrunt has been my game of choice for that for a long time (even though I haven’t played in a couple years). But Stargrunt always felt a bit dated in terms of the in-universe tech and how it was represented in-game, and especially how the technological capabilities of the races involved was reflected in their combat doctrine. In DZC, the central tactical idea is that the entire force is airmobile and can deploy and redeploy very rapidly. Range is effectively LOS – the whole table – unless your target has countermeasures going. Infantry combat is extremely deadly and troops don’t last long, so their fight is usually contained to the interiors of buildings. Now, maybe DZC doesn’t cover it all perfectly, but it sure feels a lot more like a future-tech battle environment than 40K’s WW2 with lasers or Stargrunt’s Vietnam war in space.

On top of all that, the scale is 10mm, putting it between Epic’s 6mm and Flames of War’s 15mm. Though 10mm may be a bit odd, I love any game that takes battles up to a real company or even battalion level. The sense of being a dropzone commander and not just a platoon leader will definitely be there while playing.

Makes me want to go play Mass Effect again too! 😀

One Response to “Dropzone Commander first impression”

  1. gravenimage Says:

    I’ve been very curious about how it would play. Glad to hear good things!

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