On the Painting Table (Busy!)

I seem to have a lot of stuff to work on at the moment. Dropzone Commander has hit the LZ on my painting desk and gone right to the top of the queue. I’ve got the Condor dropships done and I’m moving on to the vehicles and infantry. I don’t expect them to take very long and if I can steal a couple hours a night to work on them, I should be done with the UCM models by the end of next week.20131027_152329 Since these guys are basically army green, the key is detailing. So I’ve done line highlights and added decals and painted on some numbers. I’ll put the clear canopies on once I’ve sealed them.

Next up,  another pack of Khorne Fleshhounds for my ever-growing Daemon army. I ran out of color primer and had to put the doggies aside for a bit but I’ll be onto them again soon.20131027_152408

And I managed to get a game in with my Daemons against my friend Stephen’s CSM a couple weeks ago. It was loads of fun, and I enjoyed playing an army that can appear basically anywhere and has all kinds of random stuff happening to it (and their opponents) during the game. It rapidly became a big swirling melee. I didn’t expect to win, but I did. The Ultraforge Greater War Daemon looked great on the board and I’m glad (again) that I got it. Stephen’s Chaos Cultists distinguished themselves by blowing away a couple Bloodcrushers with a huge volley of fire, and then basically turning tail and running like hell as the Bloodthirster zeroed in on them. They even survived the game!20131007_203437 20131007_213941

And I am also working on a Space Marine Biker Captain/Chapter Master model that I got from Scibor. 20131027_154341This is a pretty cool model. It’s much bigger than a standard Space Marine bike and a fitting mount for a Captain or Chapter Master. The rider is bulky and looks to be wearing Terminator armor! The one thing this model didn’t have was a cowling over the front end. I got hold of the body of a Dark Eldar Venom and cut it up and filed it down and fitted it on and I think it looks a lot better now. I’m treating this as sort of a side project that I will work on in between higher priority stuff. Still, I might go full speed on this because it’s so cool!



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