Wreck Restoration

I was watching this video on YouTube about these guys who restored a totally destroyed Sherman tank.

I was inspired. On a few occasions, I’ve had the chance to restore some jacked up models to fully painted glory. My Space Marine Drop Pods were the first – I have three of them and all were trashed when I got them. I stripped the paint, added some new parts where needed and voila, they look like they were assembled right off the sprue.

I actually enjoy the process of taking some poor model that has been ruined with a heavy coat of house paint (or somesuch), with broken and missing parts, and restoring them. I’ve recently come into a couple new acquisitions and I have plans for them – or at least one of them.

Once I have my Daemon army done, I mean to add an allied force of Chaos Space Marines, specifically, Kharn and a squad of Berzerkers deploying out of a Chaos Land Raider. I’ll eventually get the Kharn and ‘Zerker models, but I need a Land Raider. Well, at the swap meet we had at the store a couple months ago, I bought a trashed Land Raider hull for 5 bucks..

photoAll this bad boy needs is side sponsons, a turret and hatches. If I strip it and repaint it in glorious Khorne blood red, add a few spikey bits and I will have a suitable mount for my ‘Zerkers. The warsmiths of the Fallen pulled this out of a shellhole somewhere and commenced to twist whatever is left of its machine spirit to their own dark aims.

And there is this.20131027_152430Some of you kids may never have seen one of these or even know what this is.  This is an Old School Land Raider from the old Rogue Trader days of the late 1980’s. They were one of the first plastic kits GW produced, and they actually came 3 to a box! I don’t remember the price but they were maybe $35 or thereabouts. I know, outrageous! 😛

Anyway, this came into my hands via a woman who came into the store a couple weeks back with a box full of old minis stuff that belonged to her departed husband. She wanted to give it to us and we accepted. I opened the box and there it was. I didn’t hesitate to scurry of with it – I haven’t seen an old Land Raider like this for 20+ years!

Now, I could use this old warhorse for my ‘Zerker’s ride – say it was an old holdover from the Heresy or something. I think I can strip the paint off, though it looks like it might be Testor’s plastic model enamel. I could add some new bits – maybe update the lascannons?

What do you guys think?

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