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DZC Army – Aurum 111th Drop Regiment “Black Scorpions”

Posted in Dropzone Commander, Minis with tags , , , on January 25, 2014 by stingersix

I have finally got my Dropzone Commander army past the starter set stage and at a reasonable level and variety for some more involved games. Not knowing how to build a DZC army, I took the default option of acquiring the “Clash” army models shown in the rulebook on page 87, with an eye toward expanding it to the “Battle” level on the same page.

The great thing about painting at this scale is how fast it goes compared to 28mm (for obvious reasons). I got most of this done within a month, which is pretty quick for me. I also was able to compare the build of the plastic Condor to the resin version. They’re pretty close and the resin version has just a bit more detail actually. The only really big difference is the resin model has a molded canopy where the plastic one has a clear canopy.

So, the Hawk Wargames resin models have been pretty good. I have spotted a few bubbles and thin bits here and there, but certainly no worse than most GW Finecast models I’ve worked with and usually better. Another good comparison was the Bear APC resin model. It was two pieces split lengthwise. Once fitted together it looked dead on like the plastic Bear APCs. The other big resin model is the Albatross, a massive multi-vehicle dropship, which kinda looks about as ungainly as its namesake. I can’t say it’s a beautiful design, it’s kinda ugly in fact. But it seems to be a useful model in the game so we’ll see how it goes.

The only metal models so far are the Praetorian infantry. These are pretty clean sculpts with decent detail for their scale. I wasn’t sure how they’d paint up but they came out looking pretty good.

So, pics!

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