Color continuity

So, if you’ve been following me the past year or so, I have been steadily building up my Chaos Daemon 40K army. I’m doing a mono-Khorne army and so red is the dominant color (obviously). Maintaining color continuity across an army is important if you want a unified look. For my daemons, I am accomplishing this by using the same red throughout, even if the model uses a different color predominantly. A model may be black, or bronze or whatever, but if there is red, it will be the same red. In the case of my daemons, I am using Army Painter Dragon Red (spray) and Citadel Khorne Red.

Of late, I’ve taken a bit of a detour from the daemons as I prep my Inquisitor and an accompanying retinue for our upcoming Inquisition War campaign. My plan is to ally my daemons to the Inquisitor (yes, we’re doing something different here). So, I’m using the same red palette for these models.

2014-03-12 20.38.22 Fisk2Invicta  2014-03-12 20.41.06


As you can see, the same red color is there in these models, even though they are very different from the daemons. The color unifies the entire army. I also plan to add an allied detachment of Chaos Space Marines at some point and the Dragon Red will once again feature prominently. Here’s the Land Raider I’ve been working on restoring (scroll back a few months to see the initial images of the trashed wreck it started out as).

2014-03-12 20.40.13 2014-03-12 20.39.53

Now, so that everything doesn’t look exactly the same, since you need to break things up some, when I do the CSM, the main color will be black, but that red will once again be used as a spot color to help make the models pop and to tie them into the rest of the army.



I painted my Rising Sun Space Marines with less of a color plan than this, but managed to keep the colors consistent throughout. This time I think the overall effect, when the army is fully deployed, should be very pleasing.

And finally, also building and painting a Forge World Fire Raptor for a friend.Fire Raptor

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