Busy busy! 40K & Dropzone Commander

I haven’t posted for a while but I have been busy! I have finished a number of projects, including that Forge World Fire Raptor, an Inquisition warband and I finished restoring that old junky Land Raider. I have also painted a great deal of Dropzone Commander minis!

I will let the pics speak for themselves.

Fire Raptor – I painted this for my friend, Adan. He bought it and said he’d probably never build it. Whaaat? Spend all that money for nothing? I told him I’d build it for him. I felt like building a FW model since I’d never tried it before. Adan agreed (wouldn’t you?)

It was a difficult model to build, one of the most difficult I’ve done. You know all the issues with resin – warping, etc. Lots of sanding and filing, gap filling, and all that. Very glad to have finished it and I’m happy with the result. But damn, I do not want to build another one.



I magnetized the guns on the turrets so they can be switched out for heavy bolters.





Adan plays Alpha Legion, so I freehanded the hydra emblem on the side.




There was lots of detail in the cockpit, so I painted it. I couldn’t cover that up, so I didn’t glue the canopy on.



Next up are my Inquisition warband models, painted for the campaign we are about to begin at the store. My favorite are the creepy little Cherubs. I also quite like the Reaper War Ape I am using as a corrupted Jokaero.


Finally, here is the before shot of that junk Land Raider I’ve been restoring the past few months.


And here it is after!


Now some of the Dropzone Commander models I finished. I painted a lot more than this so I’ll need to get more pics up later.


More to come!


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