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Stencil and airbrush

Posted in Minis, WIP with tags , , , on July 16, 2014 by stingersix

I’m working on my All Quiet on the Martian Front minis now. For the tanks I wanted to use playing card suits to denote the company number. I looked around and there are plenty of makers of 15mm decals, mostly for WW2 French armor. But, they all cost a few bucks plus shipping and blah blah blah. I considered free-handing them but I really wanted a uniform look. Then I remembered I have a package of artist airbrush frisket (thin stencil paper with an adhesive backing), a detail airbrush and a very sharp x-acto knife.

So I cut out some stencils, stuck them on my tanks and went to work with the airbrush. I’m quite pleased at how these came out.

photo1 photo2

I’m gaining more confidence with the airbrush all the time.

Driving on!