Tallarn Taurox

I realize I have not posted pics of the finished model here!


14271_815375585160117_5766505811638514219_n 1619377_815375548493454_3458392056603707564_n 10405448_815375468493462_4590316007531940379_n 10487432_815375568493452_974513080163087789_n 10612882_815375521826790_8296165254400688970_n 10650058_815375495160126_2119558998222800607_n 10653617_815375511826791_6813815402812040173_n1000602_816880021676340_7093514489718667122_n 10157230_816879955009680_9028291020007214610_n

One Response to “Tallarn Taurox”

  1. Well done! Personally I think the vehicle design looks pretty goofy but you did a nice job of making it quite realistic. The interior scrapes and scratches give it that ‘used’ look. Next vehicle should get more external wear and tear.

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