Lots of work

Posted in WIP with tags on September 3, 2011 by stingersix

I haven’t posted anything lately, mostly because I’ve been pretty busy with painting and other gaming activities. As far as painting goes, I’ve had my head down over another Space Marine Tactical Squad that is nearing completion, and a Space Marine Captain.

I’ll get some pics up soon, but I think I’ve made some strides forward in my painting on the Captain – he looks really good. One thing I’ve just hooked on to is the use of a micro-fine pen to do the kanji lettering. I still use a regular brush and a special pen for Japanese calligraphy, but for really small kanji, I picked up a Sakura Micron 005 pen. I’m getting really great results with it so far. I need to look around and see if these come in different colors of ink.

More soon!


40K and me, pt.2

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I played 40K for the first time in about 20 years last night. And I had a good time, in large part because my opponent Adan is a great guy and was all about actually teaching me how to play and what to do (as opposed to simply thrashing the noob, which I’m quite sure he could have done without much trouble).

We played 5 turns and I came out on top somehow. There were some cool fights going on, like the duel between his commander and my dreadnought, which saw both of them taking pieces out of each other and went on for two turns and was still undecided at the end of the game. I tried to just go for it, hurling my units into the fray and not worrying too much if they got wasted. Playing for laffs is the way to go for me.

I won’t be giving up Stargrunt (at least not until Tomorrow’s War comes out), and I saw some kinda eyerolling things in the game last night, but I can live with them.

Overall, it turned out to be a more positive experience than I thought it would be, and I would play the game (with friends) again.

40K and Me

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I have pretty much always liked GW’s 40K miniatures, which I can’t say for the game itself. I played the original WH40K: Rogue Trader quite a lot back in the day, and had lots of fun with it – all I had at the time were the plastic Space Marines (30 for $20!!) and metal Space Ork Raiders, lots of conversions, scratchbuilt stuff and other odds and ends (zoats, funky Ork rockers, etc).

After that I was very heavy into Epic scale Space Marine (later Epic Armageddon). But by that time my interest in the 28mm game had waned. Still I always liked the minis, even if I didn’t buy or paint them.

Since last year, I have drifted slowly back toward 40K, buying some Marines (since I have always liked Space Marines) and painting them up. Now I actually have a game of 5th ed 40K on my calendar for next week – my first game of 40K in 20 years. I have no illusions that I will win. I’m 100% sure I will have my ass handed to me.

I’m doing this because I simply want to give the game a try. I’ve read the rules and have found many things that I don’t like about them, some things that I think are just outright stupid, but I want to play it and see for myself – the proof is in the pudding.

I have a feeling it won’t float my boat. As heavily geared as it is for tournament play, I can’t see myself liking it that much. I have no interest in tournament play whatsoever. But I’ll at least be able to base my judgment on experience.

I still really like the minis and I’ll keep buying and painting them. To actually game with them, I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to the release of Tomorrow’s War from Ambush Alley Games in September. I’m sure 40K players who see me using GW minis to play Tomorrow’s War will either stare in confusion or try to burn me for a heretic, but I don’t care.

More Space Marines and…something old…

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Hmm, no posts for over a month. But I have been busy. Just about finished off that Space Marine Battleforce box I picked up last year. All that’s left are five Marines and the Scouts, which I have half-finished. Some pics for you.

First up are the Assault Marines. These came out nice and I want five more to fill out the squad.

No, I didn’t forget to paint the kanji on their left kneepad. Rising Sun Chapter Marines don’t get that final character on their armor until they finish/survive their service in the Assault Squads and are assigned to a Tactical Squad – at which point they paint on the final character (you’ll note their Sergeant has all four).

Next is a Rhino. I have another one painted pretty much exactly the same way, only the driver’s hatch is closed on that one.

The Scout Sergeant, and another WIP Scout, which I’ve included to show the kabuki style kumadori facepaint. Each Marine in my force that is bareheaded has a different pattern.

Finally, this ugly critter, a Genestealer Patriarch from around 1992 that I originally bought for Space Hulk. I dug him out of the box where he’d been lurking for the last 19 years, dumped him in the Green Stuff to strip the old paint (a Genestealer model in a glass jar full of green liquid looks kinda freaky!), and re-painted him over a weekend. Still ugly, but looks a lot better now!

You and what army?

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Here’s a question for you – do you call the force (set, group, collection, whatever) of miniatures that you put down on the table to play an “army”? I was thinking about this and I always say “force” or sometimes, if it’s organized that way “platoon” or “company”. In my mind, “army” means just that, an entire army, like the U.S. Army, British Army, etc., a few thousand troops anywa (if not tens of thousands).

Even when I was playing Epic Space Marine, my forces were usually about battalion sized at most.

Not saying people shouldn’t call their miniature military forces armies, just that when I see like 30 minis on the table, I’ll call it a “platoon” or a “detachment” maybe, but not an “army”. That’s just me (shrug).

GZG 15mm UNSC Light Infantry

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I promised to get some pics of my GZG 15mm UNSC Light Infantry up, and here they are. Really pleased with how these came out. I should say that the paint scheme is not my own – I followed a very good tutorial on this blog, which was quite helpful. Normally, I’d do my own paint scheme but I haven’t painted 15’s in forever. I felt the approach might be a little different from what I do with 28’s.

These guys look pretty good I think and I did all 8 over just 2 days. With the colors down and the technique sussed future UNSC troops will go really quickly. Actually it was less a question of brush techniques than it was some minor differences in the order in which they were used compared to my usual style).

Anyway, pics!

Eventually, I’ll have a full platoon of these guys!

The 15mm Bite

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OK, I have pretty much painted and played with 28mm minis for 20+ years and except for my time (well spent I might add) with Epic Space Marine (which is 6mm), 28’s were my thing.

Until now. If you’re into sci-fi minis you’re probably aware of the real bonanza of really excellent 15mm sci-fi figs that are available right now. Critical Mass, Khurasan, Rebel Minis, and many others all make great stuff, not to mention Ground Zero Games which has also been doing 15mm for a very long time.

So, looking at all that and seeing what people are doing, I get the urge and finally broke down and bought some GZG UNSC Light Infantry. I got the pack (8 figures) last Thursday and this evening (Sunday) they’re all done. Ah, I love getting them done fast! Eight 28’s would take me a month probably, the way I paint (slow). But the 15s are so easy – primer, drybrush basecoat, wash, touch up, highlight, details, basing, boom, done.

I’ll get some pictures up tomorrow. Sorry, clicking that link won’t help because GZG doesn’t have a pic up for these guys (sure you can see what the other figures in the range look like, just not that particular pack – wtf?) As an aside, while my opinion of these particular minis is very good, my overall opinion of the GZG webstore as a sales tool is not so good. Far too many items without pictures, and many of the minis that do have pictures don’t have very good pictures.

Anyway, with Tomorrow’s War coming soon, I think I’ll be getting into 15’s with both feet from now on!