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2013 – And now for something completely different!

Posted in Blather, Historical with tags , , , on January 7, 2013 by stingersix

Right, 2012 is in the bag. As far as miniatures go for me, last year was all about 40K and Space Marines. I finished the 40K Fight Club 2012 Painting Challenge, which you can see at this link.

Here’s a shot of the Command Squad I did to finish things up.DSC00605

With this lot done, I’m throttling back on my 40K painting. I’m still going to do it, but not at the same pace as last year. Look for a Daemon army from me starting maybe in the spring.

What I am hot for right now is SAGA, the Dark Ages historical game. I’ve linked to the entry on Boardgame Geek mostly because the actual manufacturer’s site isn’t so exciting, frankly, even though they have an exciting game on their hands. My Christmas present to myself was an Anglo-Dane army with all the trimmings (wire spears, shield decals, etc) and I will be getting into that as soon as it shows up in the mail. I’ve played one game of it so far (and got crushed) but I really liked it nonetheless. Building an army for it is stupid easy, since you don’t need that many figures, and the miniatures are relatively cheap and easy to get since there are so many companies that make them for this time period. Plus, there are no big vehicles to build – about the most complicated weapon system is cavalry, and my chosen army, the Anglo-Danes don’t use them (which is fine because I hate painting horses).

Plus, I like the flavor of the period. The more I read about the Dark Ages leads me to realize they weren’t really that dark – there was still a lot of societal and cultural development going on – it just wasn’t recognized by those chroniclers whose work survived to this day. It’s all really quite fascinating.

I believe I have also mentioned the WW2 game Bolt Action? I’m currently painting up some of the American G.I.s from the basic set that Warlord Games produced. These are going to be for the store set. I’ve put together the minis which are plastic and they’re pretty good. A definite aesthetic difference from the cartoon-like proportions of GW Space Marines!

I think the biggest thing I learned last year is that I absolutely hate painting to a deadline, even a self imposed one, which probably means no more challenges, or if I do one, I’ll be very slack with getting things donex. Miniatures painting is a way for me to relieve stress and when I have to get something finished by a certain date, it’s stress that I don’t need to have. I mean, I’ll get the job done, but only on my own time. That is why I will not do commissions and only offer to paint stuff for friends if I am absolutely sure I will do it. I admire the discipline of the guys who take commissions – I just couldn’t deal with the pressure.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to painting at my own pace this year, and getting back to playing around with other game systems!

So, that’s it for now.

Getting into DUST, thinking about 6e, and Brothers in spirit!

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Got myself a copy of the DUST Warfare book, and working on painting up an Axis force using the EndGame store miniatures set. Many of the battles in DUST apparently take place in Antartica, but I decided to go for a more temperate European theme and did a Peadot pattern for these German grenadiers.

I need to take a new pic of this guy, since I have since changed the color scheme a bit. His trousers are now the same base color as the jacket (but not camouflaged, and his body armor is now the same shade of grey as the trousers are in the pics above. The lighter body armor helps the camo pattern of the shirt stand out more. I’m torn on doing the camo on the trousers now, since it will take more time and I simply want to get these guys done and ready for play.

Digging the DUST Warfare game itself. Liking everything I’m seeing in the rulebook so far and hoping to play soon. If I can, I’m going to champion it at the store, try to generate some interest and build a community there.

As the imminent release of 6th edition 40K looms, I am steering clear of the rumor sites. Really, why bother? What good does knowing anything about it now do you when you’re not actually playing the game yet and all these rumors are presented without the context of the entire 6e ruleset as a whole? I mean, really, when the book comes out, it comes out, you get it if you want it and you play the game and then decide what you like and don’t like. People…

Finally, I am pleased to have found a kindred spirit across the internet and across the Pond. Targol (I think that’s his name) in France, has also done his own samurai-themed Space Marine Chapter. Unlike mine, he has gone the extra mile to do conversions that make the models look like they’re wearing samurai armor (and he’s done it quite well too). Now, with Kromlech’s selection of samurai bits, I suppose I don’t have any more excuses to not do this as well. I am actually thinking about trying some of the Kromlech parts and making another Captain, this one carrying a power katana and with a samurai helmet – I found some etched brass helmet crests I might use made by Oshiro. The Kromlech heads are cool but until I get some in my hands to see them up close, I can’t decide.

Anyway, check out Targol’s work! It’s really great!

40K and Me

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I have pretty much always liked GW’s 40K miniatures, which I can’t say for the game itself. I played the original WH40K: Rogue Trader quite a lot back in the day, and had lots of fun with it – all I had at the time were the plastic Space Marines (30 for $20!!) and metal Space Ork Raiders, lots of conversions, scratchbuilt stuff and other odds and ends (zoats, funky Ork rockers, etc).

After that I was very heavy into Epic scale Space Marine (later Epic Armageddon). But by that time my interest in the 28mm game had waned. Still I always liked the minis, even if I didn’t buy or paint them.

Since last year, I have drifted slowly back toward 40K, buying some Marines (since I have always liked Space Marines) and painting them up. Now I actually have a game of 5th ed 40K on my calendar for next week – my first game of 40K in 20 years. I have no illusions that I will win. I’m 100% sure I will have my ass handed to me.

I’m doing this because I simply want to give the game a try. I’ve read the rules and have found many things that I don’t like about them, some things that I think are just outright stupid, but I want to play it and see for myself – the proof is in the pudding.

I have a feeling it won’t float my boat. As heavily geared as it is for tournament play, I can’t see myself liking it that much. I have no interest in tournament play whatsoever. But I’ll at least be able to base my judgment on experience.

I still really like the minis and I’ll keep buying and painting them. To actually game with them, I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to the release of Tomorrow’s War from Ambush Alley Games in September. I’m sure 40K players who see me using GW minis to play Tomorrow’s War will either stare in confusion or try to burn me for a heretic, but I don’t care.

Grey Knights Power Armor Squad

Posted in 40K, Minis with tags , , , on April 8, 2011 by stingersix

OK, so I got these guys done. Did the assembly and started painting on Saturday at Endgame, and finished on Sunday. Not the best I’ve ever done and the camera reveals lots of messy bits in close, but I think they turned out alright.

I don’t play 40K and I’m not collecting Grey Knights, but these are pretty good minis. The detail is excellent and I particularly like the words engraved on the armor. That must have been Gods Own Bastard to sculpt. You think they do this with computer lathes?

Anyway, here are some pics!

Go with what you know

Posted in Minis with tags , , on April 3, 2011 by stingersix

I learned a lesson today at the EndGame Grey Knights painting challenge. That lesson is, I can’t speed paint and I don’t like doing it either. I didn’t get anywhere near being what I considered “finished”. I made my best effort to get the work done but found myself rushing, making the kind of errors I don’t like to make and realizing that speed painting is really just for getting models on the game table as fast as possible, which is not my M.O.

Sure, I want to put painted models on the table, but I really just need to do it at my own pace. But I realized I often paint just for painting’s sake and because I enjoy it. If I’m not enjoying it I won’t do it.

Now,  I did very much enjoy hanging out with some new people and just painting and talking and whatnot, but there was a point there near the end where I should have just switched my mind over from, “Got to finish this in time!” to “Forget about the contest, just paint for yourself”.

Anyway, I took the Grey Knights home and I’m working on them now – still trying to go fast since I just want them done and out of the way of the other Marines I was working on.

A wind is blowing…

Posted in Blather, Minis with tags , on March 7, 2011 by stingersix

My motivation to paint and model tends to wax and wane. Recently, my collection of unpainted minis has built up to a point where I really need to address the pile before I buy anything new. I have those two resin tanks and the SST Cougars to do, the Space Hulk repaint, a handful of Pig Iron System Troopers and that big box of Space Marines I just got staring at me every time I sit down at my work table.

I think I know what’s holding me up. My desire to get to these other minis is being checked by three Cadwallon figures I promised to paint for a friend. I really need to get those done and when I do, it’ll free me with regard to The Pile. As long as I let these three figures sit unpainted, I fear I may keep picking up new minis until I’ll never be able to finish them all.

So, Cadwallon, you bastard, here I come!

How do you guys keep your momentum up? For example, I am in awe of the dude at Fawcett Avenue Conscripts. Not only is he a great painter and modeler, he turns out prolific amounts of painted figures at a rate I could never hope to match. Check his blog out because he’s got some great stuff on there!

Backed off the GW splurge

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I mentioned that I had backed off of going all-in on a 40K force. It’s true. I was this close to splashing out three or four hundred bucks on a 1500pt Space Marine force, and even pick up a hardcopy of the rulebook. Then I a) looked at my discretionary budget, b) played Stargrunt last Saturday, and finally c) thought about the two or three other, different platoon sized forces I could create with the same amount of money spent.

I wanted to do the Space Marines with the intention of actually playing at some point. I really like the minis and I like painting them, and I suppose I may build up a collection over time now, but I’m not going whole hog. I’d like to try the 5th edition 40K rules sometime, since I’ve never played it, but I do know that I like Stargrunt. A lot. And I know that it gives me a lot of what I want from a minis game. So I’m sticking with Stargrunt and spending my money on the indie sci-fi minis that I like. I still may buy the hardcover, because I like the 40K setting and I am a total art whore.

RIght now, I’m working up a good old fashioned bug hunt that pits my SST bugs against Chris’ ship-based marines in an alien temple complex (in the jungle). Woot!

Just reminded myself…

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…why I haven’t played much GW for so long. I priced out that 1500 point Space Marine force I’ve been thinking about, and as the numbers added up, found myself rolling my eyes. If I bought it all at full retail, plus shipping and taxes, it’s just over $400. This is for a small force too.

There’s no way I can buy all this in one go, not without my wife strangling me with my own guts. If I bought it all at once I’d never finish painting it either, so eBay here I come!