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Stargrunt Battle Chronicle

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I’ve made a list of all the Stargrunt battles we’ve played. Looking at them this way, you can see the story that is emerging from our games.

We’ve created a setting for our games that all the players have contributed to. Each of us has made a few factions, building and incorporating ideas from each other into the background. The big conflict is the one between the United Democratic Socialist Systems, an alliance of star systems that have broken away from the yoke of corporate oppression and Old Terra national entities, and the Interstellar Corporate Commission a huge conglomeration of colonial interests funded by Earth’s mega-corporations.

But there are other things going that we haven’t even touched on yet – pirates, frontier skirmishes, territorial power grabs, the death throes of old Terran national blocs, local civil wars. It’s a big setting and there is still lots of stuff we can do!

Here’s a list of all the SG battle reports that I have, in the order the games were played. Some are posts on TMP, with links to pics on Flickr, others are links to my minis blog.

For our very first game, my opponent Jonathan and I did a simple platoon vs. platoon fight to learn the rules. Minis are Pig Iron Heavy Infantry and FASA VOR Union (now available through Ironwind).

This was our second game. UDSS Militia vs. CEU Panzergrenadiers. It was a quick assault scenario and we tried out the sniper rules, which in SG are pretty interesting. Minis are Pig Iron’s Kolony Militia, FASA’s Vor Union, and Heavy Gear power suits.

In the next game, Altairian Regulars (UDSS) vs. Ramstar Mercs. The Ramstar troops were trying to rescue a kidnapped hostage. They failed and this set up a later game. Minis are once again Pig Iron and Vor Union. Of special interest are the Pig Iron APC and the paper dropship model.

Chris (Irate Squirrel) and Michael Miller were the players in the next game which I refereed. CEU Foreign Legion vs. UDSS Regulars. This was a supply convoy ambush scenario. Pig Iron minis on both sides, with an assortment of different vehicles.

Jonathan Breese and I played again when we did a big city fight game. UDSS Guards vs. Ramstar Mercs. Pig Iron minis again, plus powered armor from EM-4, with AT-43 Red Blok troopers.

And the most recent game, Operation Icepick, which was the follow-on to the first hostage rescue scenario above. Ramstar Strikers (Special Forces) vs. Altairian Nightshade Commandos (Special Forces). Minis are the old Metal Magic Spacelords Cybertech Bunkerbreakers from the 80’s, now available from EM-4, and Mongoose Starship Troopers M.I. This time, the Ramstar corporate mercs succeeded.

The next game we’re planning is a bug hunt! A research team in an alien jungle is about to make a very nasty discovery! The Arachnids from SST will make an appearance as “xenocrabs” trying to rip Chris’ planetary landing party (converted AT-43 Red Blok) into tiny bits. But the humans have a few surprises up their sleeves. Should be a hot one!


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Just so you don’t think all I’m gonna do is pimp Pig Iron’s stuff, here’re some of my Battletech minis. I played Battletech back in high school when it first came out. My friends and I all had our own units of course. Mine was the Blue Devils. The leader was a pilot named Okidata (a name I got off a computer printer box). Okidata racked up something like 21 kills, and naturally, everyone else was gunning for him. Everyone was always frustrated with me because whenever it looked like Okidata was about to die, he would punch out of his mech and escape. Har har! Okidata drove a Phoenix Hawk. Back then, there were no “unseen” mechs. The Macross ripoffs were all out in the open. And come on, in 1984, Macross (Robotech) was just starting to hit big.

These minis are from Iron Wind Metals. My favorite is the Zeus here.


It’s not the best mech in the game but I’m drawn to it cuz’ it looks so cool. I’m one of those fools that would rather roll in a crappy mech that looks good than an ugly heap that is the ultimate mech.

And speaking ugly heaps and ultimate mechs, I do love the Atlas!


This Cyclops here is one of the plastic miniatures from the new Battletech set.


This Battlemaster is the best painted mini of the Blue Devils mechs I painted up (IMO).


I painted all these mechs in blue color schemes and I think they came out pretty good. The idea behind the red right hands is that it indicates a pilot who has scored a kill in hand-to-hand mech combat. Hmm, I’d like to play some Battletech now!