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You and what army?

Posted in Blather with tags on June 9, 2011 by stingersix

Here’s a question for you – do you call the force (set, group, collection, whatever) of miniatures that you put down on the table to play an “army”? I was thinking about this and I always say “force” or sometimes, if it’s organized that way “platoon” or “company”. In my mind, “army” means just that, an entire army, like the U.S. Army, British Army, etc., a few thousand troops anywa (if not tens of thousands).

Even when I was playing Epic Space Marine, my forces were usually about battalion sized at most.

Not saying people shouldn’t call their miniature military forces armies, just that when I see like 30 minis on the table, I’ll call it a “platoon” or a “detachment” maybe, but not an “army”. That’s just me (shrug).