Backed off the GW splurge

I mentioned that I had backed off of going all-in on a 40K force. It’s true. I was this close to splashing out three or four hundred bucks on a 1500pt Space Marine force, and even pick up a hardcopy of the rulebook. Then I a) looked at my discretionary budget, b) played Stargrunt last Saturday, and finally c) thought about the two or three other, different platoon sized forces I could create with the same amount of money spent.

I wanted to do the Space Marines with the intention of actually playing at some point. I really like the minis and I like painting them, and I suppose I may build up a collection over time now, but I’m not going whole hog. I’d like to try the 5th edition 40K rules sometime, since I’ve never played it, but I do know that I like Stargrunt. A lot. And I know that it gives me a lot of what I want from a minis game. So I’m sticking with Stargrunt and spending my money on the indie sci-fi minis that I like. I still may buy the hardcover, because I like the 40K setting and I am a total art whore.

RIght now, I’m working up a good old fashioned bug hunt that pits my SST bugs against Chris’ ship-based marines in an alien temple complex (in the jungle). Woot!

2 Responses to “Backed off the GW splurge”

  1. I’m proud of anyone who looks at GW and says ‘Nah, it’s just not worth what they are charging for it.’

    Honestly, I’ve never really loved playing any GW game (with the exception of Blood Bowl) but I was well and truly jaded with my experiences with 40k 3rd ed. Althought they do have nice and consistent minis, I always feel like a total idiot everytime I picked one up and considered spending that much money on one.

    • stingersix Says:

      I do like their minis, don’t get me wrong. But if I buy them to play the game, it’s just more than I am willing to shell out in one go. That and the more reviews I read of 40K itself, the more I realize I’d rather just play Stargrunt (warts and all). I may eventually buy up that Space Marine force, but it’ll be a long time before it’s done.

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