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More Space Marines and…something old…

Posted in 40K, Minis, WIP with tags , , , , on July 25, 2011 by stingersix

Hmm, no posts for over a month. But I have been busy. Just about finished off that Space Marine Battleforce box I picked up last year. All that’s left are five Marines and the Scouts, which I have half-finished. Some pics for you.

First up are the Assault Marines. These came out nice and I want five more to fill out the squad.

No, I didn’t forget to paint the kanji on their left kneepad. Rising Sun Chapter Marines don’t get that final character on their armor until they finish/survive their service in the Assault Squads and are assigned to a Tactical Squad – at which point they paint on the final character (you’ll note their Sergeant has all four).

Next is a Rhino. I have another one painted pretty much exactly the same way, only the driver’s hatch is closed on that one.

The Scout Sergeant, and another WIP Scout, which I’ve included to show the kabuki style kumadori facepaint. Each Marine in my force that is bareheaded has a different pattern.

Finally, this ugly critter, a Genestealer Patriarch from around 1992 that I originally bought for Space Hulk. I dug him out of the box where he’d been lurking for the last 19 years, dumped him in the Green Stuff to strip the old paint (a Genestealer model in a glass jar full of green liquid looks kinda freaky!), and re-painted him over a weekend. Still ugly, but looks a lot better now!