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SAGA Anglo-Dane warband complete!

Posted in Games, Historical, Minis with tags , on March 7, 2013 by stingersix

I’ve finished painting my SAGA warband (in time for game day on the 10th!). The minis are all by Gripping Beast. They painted up extremely fast compared to the time it took while I was doing my 40K minis, so quite pleased with that. It’s freed me up to start thinking about another project. Anyway, my Anglo-Danes are comprised of: the Warlord, 3 points of Dane-axe huscarls, 1 point of regular huscarls, 3 points of ceorls, 1 point of sling equipped geburs and 1 point’s worth of assorted bannermen (huscarls).


I’ve enjoyed playing SAGA a lot so far. My first few games I had to figure out how to play the Anglo-Danes and I think I at least understand them, though I’m far from mastering the way they play. I was way too aggressive at first – fighting like a Viking really, and that didn’t work. Now I want to skirmish a bit with the slingers and maybe a unit of warriors, hold the main striking force of huscarls in reserve and position them to go where they’ll do the most damage. Get Fatigue markers all over the enemy, and then when they’re wheezing and blowing with exhaustion, slam into them with a hefty unit of Dane-axe wielding huscarls and the warlord!