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Finished my Daemon army

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This Soul Grinder was the last model I needed to do for me to consider my Daemons “done” for the time being. Moving on to new projects!

image image image image

Color continuity

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So, if you’ve been following me the past year or so, I have been steadily building up my Chaos Daemon 40K army. I’m doing a mono-Khorne army and so red is the dominant color (obviously). Maintaining color continuity across an army is important if you want a unified look. For my daemons, I am accomplishing this by using the same red throughout, even if the model uses a different color predominantly. A model may be black, or bronze or whatever, but if there is red, it will be the same red. In the case of my daemons, I am using Army Painter Dragon Red (spray) and Citadel Khorne Red.

Of late, I’ve taken a bit of a detour from the daemons as I prep my Inquisitor and an accompanying retinue for our upcoming Inquisition War campaign. My plan is to ally my daemons to the Inquisitor (yes, we’re doing something different here). So, I’m using the same red palette for these models.

2014-03-12 20.38.22 Fisk2Invicta  2014-03-12 20.41.06


As you can see, the same red color is there in these models, even though they are very different from the daemons. The color unifies the entire army. I also plan to add an allied detachment of Chaos Space Marines at some point and the Dragon Red will once again feature prominently. Here’s the Land Raider I’ve been working on restoring (scroll back a few months to see the initial images of the trashed wreck it started out as).

2014-03-12 20.40.13 2014-03-12 20.39.53

Now, so that everything doesn’t look exactly the same, since you need to break things up some, when I do the CSM, the main color will be black, but that red will once again be used as a spot color to help make the models pop and to tie them into the rest of the army.



I painted my Rising Sun Space Marines with less of a color plan than this, but managed to keep the colors consistent throughout. This time I think the overall effect, when the army is fully deployed, should be very pleasing.

And finally, also building and painting a Forge World Fire Raptor for a friend.Fire Raptor

Angry red daemons

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So I played my second game with my mono-Khorne Daemon army last Monday night against Stephen’s Chaos Space Marines. It was also the second game in our mini-campaign, with a story made up on the fly as we played. His Chaos Lord, the Tzeentch Sorcerer, The Nameless One, wants to seize the Grimoire of True Names from the Bloodthirster Gorzu A’lal Xul (so he can both find his identity and secure it from being used against him). In game 1, Nameless failed to seize the main entrance to the catacombs where the Grimoire is being held. So in game 2, he’s trying to sneak in the back door, opposed by Gorzu’s lieutenant, the Daemon Prince Deimos. It was a 1,000 point game. The objective was to have the most Infantry units on the chaos altar in the middle of the board at game end.

I had no shooting at all! This was pretty crazy for me as I usually play Marines. No shooting except whatever ranged attacks I might roll on the Rewards tables! This made me consider two things: 1) I had to get into assault ASAP, and 2) I had to take advantage of any cover I could find going in.

Fortunately, Khorne daemons are hella fast (as are most daemon units). Without the temptation of making ranged attacks, my shooting phase consisted of simply running everything forward as far as possible.

This pic shows the board after my first turn. All of my Troops (Bloodletters) are in reserve.20131104_195618

My Bloodcrushers are moving up toward a squad of Havocs, doing their best to limit their exposure to enemy fire. 20131104_19571120131104_195641

On my right is my Herald on his Blood Throne. There’s a pack of Flesh Hounds tucked behind the hill too. The Havocs took a shot at Deimos but failed to wound or ground him (he was swooping).

20131104_195624Unused to playing the Daemons, I pretty much forgot to roll on the Warpstorm chart for the first half of the game! Anyway, I’m charging in toward the CSM line. There’s a pack of Cultists right in the middle of the opening into the vale we’re fighting in. Looks like a good target to me! The CSM squad on the hill there looks formidable, but as I’m on the reverse slope of the hill, they’ve got no shot. 20131104_195630

Turn 2 and the CSM pull back, having picked up the heat signatures of all that angry red paint coming up over the hill. It’s about to get real! But I goofed my movement, going Flat Out with my Blood Throne and thus prohibiting it from charging (yes, it rolls for charges since it’s a Chariot). Anyway, the Khornedogs could make the charge though they would be outside the Herald’s 6″ Locus bubble, a dumb mistake on my part. Still, I managed to get the dogs stuck in.

20131104_202350 20131104_202402

The Night Lords have some visitors. Look at those silly hats of theirs!20131104_202409I brought the Bloodletters in, but kinda botched their arrival order. The squad with the icon that everyone was supposed to home in on didn’t arrive, forcing the second and third squads to scatter. I do like the Instruments of Chaos, which allow me to chain in units from reserve. This allows the Daemons to arrive in one huge mass and basically on target. In one go you can saturate your opponent with threats. Had I got the roll I needed I would have placed 30 Bloodletters in threat range in one go. As it was, I got 20 in (the second unit also had an Instrument) basically where I wanted them (behind the Cultists). But the ‘Letters held back because the Boss, DP Deimos, jumped into give the human dupes the thrashing they deserved.

20131104_202416 20131104_202431

Ah, I should taken a picture of it. Deimos charged in and the Cultist Champion was forced to challenge him (not a terrible idea since it would isolate Deimos’ attacks). Deimos laughed and accepted! Puny human! We imagined the Cultists and the Champion watching Deimos approach, and the Champion racks his shotgun, looks at his bros and says, “Here, hold my beer. Watch this!”

Deimos duly squashed the Champion with his Hammer of Wrath attack. The Cultists then blew their morale check and were swept by Deimos. The CSM and the Khorne dogs continued to battle, a fight that lasted most of the game – the Flesh Hounds are a great tarpit! My Bloodcrushers overran the Havocs and wiped them out. Things were not looking good for the Chaos Space Marines.

20131104_203209 20131104_204055

Then The Nameless One himself arrived from reserve with his hard men, his Chaos Terminators. He also brought in an Obliterator that took up position on a far hill and proceeded to get Deimos’ attention by putting a lascannon shot into him. My units began to converge toward the center and I Deep Struck my last unit of Bloodletters right onto the shrine to try and hold it. I knew the Terminators would be a tough nut to crack with my ‘Letters’ Hellblades only being AP3. But I figured I could swamp them and get Deimos and the Herald in there with their Axes of Khorne (AP2). But…

20131104_213751 20131104_213803Man, those Tzeentch Sorcerers can be a handful! The Nameless One stood off a bit from his boys so he could zap them with Malediction buffs (forget what they were). He also sent a pack of Bloodletters running, decimating their ranks with a plague wind or somesuch. You can see Deimos up there obliterating the Obliterator too, but Nameless (the dirty git) gimped Deimos with a couple spells that didn’t hurt him much but did slow him down. However, all that warp power being flung around is dangerous to the user as well – Nameless rolled Perils of the Warp, took a wound (his last one) and was gone. His fate would remain a mystery until the game ended though.

20131104_215313 20131104_224342

The battle now centered on the altar. Though the CSM finally wiped out the Flesh Hounds and got clear, they were too far away to have any effect on the last stage of the game. To ensure this, I charged them with the Herald. They blew up his Chariot and whacked him too, but it was a peripheral action to what was happening in the center of the table.

It was up to the Chaos Terminators now. They charged in and hammered the Bloodletters on the altar, winning the combat and causing an Instability Check for me that wiped out the rest of the unit. As I charged in with Deimos, and my remaining Bloodletters and Crushers, I remembered the Warpstorm chart! Yay! I rolled a 3 (Gods disfavor) and wound up taking a wound on Deimos. Boo!

Deimos took on the Terminator Champion in a challenge and eviscerated him as you would expect. But once again, that isolated Deimos’ nasty AP2 attacks from the rest of the squad. Unfortunately I had no other characters in the fight I could have accepted the challenge with, and not wanting to waste Deimos all together, I squared him off with the Champion. I did my level best to force as many saves on the Chaos Terminators as I could, but with AP3 Hellblades, the Terminators made a lot of saves, losing only 1. Again, I lost combat and blew my Instability check for my Crushers and they went away!

Down to the final round, Deimos got all ragey, but the Terminators made their Invul saves (4++ due to some sort of buff they had). Lucky! The Bloodletters didn’t cause any wounds either, and though they lost combat by only 1, I got the worst possible result on the Instability check – box cars! The Bloodletters were eliminated and with them, my chance of winning the game.

Although Deimos was still alive, and could have probably squashed the Terminators, we had to call time. Even so, we’d played 5 turns and I had no Infantry left to take the altar. Stephen earned that win! We then decided that The Nameless One hadn’t died when he rolled Perils, he’d just found a way into Gorzu’s fortress through the Warp and told his boys to hold the entrance for him as long as they could.

So, a fun game and I learned a lot about my army. I didn’t use the Herald and the Blood Throne very well and I’ll need to work on that. I also need to study up on using FMCs – I’m usually on the receiving end of the damned things. The internet pooh-pooh’s mono-Khorne armies but I don’t care – they look great and are lots of fun to play. It’s kinda liberating to just charge all out and not worry about shooting and all that. Big thanks to Stephen and I’m looking forward to our next game!

Ultraforge Greater War Demon (aka Bloodthirster)

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So I got this big guy done. Gorzu Alal Xul, Bloodthirster of Khorne! This is the Ultraforge Greater War Demon that I am using as a Bloodthirster since I don’t like the GW model. This piece was relatively easy to paint, having mostly broad surfaces and not much fine detail. I used the same base color as the rest of the army, Army Painter Dragon Red, to maintain color continuity. There are notes of different colors to make things stand out. I used purple for his tongue and tried a verdigris effect on the army, which came out well.

Once assembled, it didn’t quite fit flush on the base. I added some green stuff on to the base to fill the gaps and it wasn’t a problem anymore. You can’t even tell there’s anything added on. Even so, I made sure to pin it to the base.

Overall, this was a fun model to paint and it looks great with all the other models in the army. It’s truly a monstrous creature!

DSC00002 DSC00003 DSC00004 DSC00005 DSC00006 DSC00007 DSC00008 DSC00009 DSC00010 DSC00011

The Rift Widens – Bloodcrushers and…

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Finally got these Bloodcrushers done. I really like these models and I plan to get 3 more somewhere down the line. I magnetized the icon bearer’s arm so I could switch it out for a sword. The one with the war horn is glued in though. I used Army Painter Dragon Red spray for the basecoat and it came out really nice. For the wash I went with purple instead of brown and that worked really well too.

DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00090 DSC00091 DSC00092 DSC00093

Next up is another troop of Bloodletters (a “Murder” I like to call them). Nothing special. The banner was done with some stenciling though the skulls don’t look so wonderful up close. But at tabletop distance it looks fine.

DSC00095 DSC00094

I’ve decided that until I have a good-sized horde of Bloodletters (about 40), I’m going to build and paint one murder for each other unit I do. So, up next is a Bloodthirster, and I’ll do another 10 Bloodletters along with him. Maybe I’ll give them green tongues this time.

This is a Greater War Demon model by Ultraforge. I haven’t even built it yet and I really like it. The detail is great, there are no bubbles or flaws in the resin and minimal mold lines and flash to clean up. The fit of the parts is excellent. It even comes with pre-drilled holes for magnetizing the wings (I’ve installed the magnets already as you can see).  It’s also huge, as I think a Bloodthirster should be! It certainly looks like it could chop a tank in half, unlike the scraggly looking GW Bloodthirster. This model stands about 6 1/2″ high on its base, measuring up to the wings. I like it far more than the GW model and I’m really looking forward to making this the centerpiece of my mono-Khorne daemon army!

DSC00096 DSC00097 DSC00098

Once this bad boy and his posse are done, I think I may do another Herald and some more Khorne-dogs!

Spewed forth from the Warp

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Made some good progress on my daemons. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

DSC00019_zpsced02704 DSC00020_zps42e07e68 DSC00021_zps68bf41aa DSC00022_zps844aaba8 DSC00023_zps7dda0a97 DSC00024_zps45941572 DSC00025_zps6eab9978 DSC00026_zps246ace3e DSC00027_zps6e1e13eb DSC00028_zpsbb97d74c


I’m particularly pleased with this underside part. I managed to get the blending from the red to the flesh colored part right and the wash and highlighting unified the two colors. The skulls help the transition as well. Did this all with a brush too.DSC00029_zps3911d2fc DSC00030_zps39b173cc DSC00030_zpsf71b59d0 DSC00031_zps1dd29e66 DSC00032_zpsc177e7ef DSC00033_zps872d4830 DSC00034_zpsf35f570c DSC00037_zpsfebe49ff


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So, here’s the first Bloodletter I did. I used the Army Painter Dragon Red spray primer and the results are good so far. Instead of washing with brown, I tried purple and that worked really well. I also tried to do some NMM on the sword. Not super happy with that and I may just fall back on regular metallic paint when I get to the others. So far the most painstaking work on these has been the blending on the horns. They should go fairly quickly now that I’ve got that done.

Ah, the camera shows a lot of little things to fix!

DSC00003 DSC00001 DSC00002 DSC00005 DSC00006

Fallen to Chaos

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Finally got some Chaos Daemon models and started working on them. Ostensibly, I’m going to use them for the Kill Team campaign we’re doing at the store, but they’ll probably expand into a full army. I had a thought to go with Tzeentch as the base but my blackened soul thirsts for the blood of my enemies and I went with Khorne – I have a squad a of Bloodletters, a pack of Flesh Hounds, and a Blood Throne of Khorne, which is a totally crazy model that looks like a spiky, angry, dragster.

I’ll get some pics up over the weekend, but I painted up a Bloodletter to test my paint scheme and pretty much hit it on the first try, so now I’m doing the rest. Also trying out the Army Painter red spray primer, which is working out quite well.