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Tallarn Valkyrie/Vendetta

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Well, here’s a great big photo dump showing the start to finish WIP on the Valkyrie/Vendetta I built for my Tallarn.


The cockpit was fully painted before being put into the fuselage and then masked off, to prime the rest of the model. I also painted the interior of the passenger compartment. You can’t see much in there on the finished model, but it is all done.

13 12 11 10

Flight stand and textured base from Secret Weapon Minatures.


Dry fitted for priming. Then pre-shaded.

8 7

Basecoat laid on. The top is Vallejo Model Air Middlestone, the bottom is Minitaire Skull White. I used my Patriot 105 airbrush for this and it got the job done super quick. The Middlestone paint was a bit thin right out of the bottle though and it needed two or three coats.

6 5 4 3

Moved on to washing in the panel lines and some initial weathering. I laid on a really light dusting of Middlestone mixed with some Skull White to give the panels a sun faded look.2 1


To finish it off I added some paint chipping – not much – this thing is kept in good operational condition! I also added decals from several different old model airplane decal sheets, and some rub-on transfers. Painted up the base and done!

The weapons selection only allows the Vendetta configuration. I didn’t want to splash out $40 for the Forge World conversion kit so I did it myself with some spare Razorback lascannons. Cut off the muzzles and rotated them 180 degrees, then cut off part of the lower cabling and added a small plasticard plate for the gun mount. All the weapon options are magnetized.

IMG_1341 IMG_1340

Pretty happy with how this came out.


All Quiet on the Martian Front – First games!

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Finally got to play this tonight with my friend Stephen. We decided to do the intro scenario, where you basically just beat each other senseless without the fancy rules for hidden movement and ambushes and whatnot.

The board has some Flames of War buildings on it. Not quite in scale but not too far off – all good.image

In this scenario, you just fight until the other guy loses half his units and breaks. The humans and Martians went at it hammer and tongs!

image image image

This tripod scooted up the road and then showed why it’s a good idea to spread out and avoid the nasty sweep template of the Martian heat ray!





Despite their power and durability, the tripods can only take so much. This guy is steadily losing his armor and taking more and more damage. Critical hits had him moving out of control and losing control of his weapons, and the game has a fun way of handling this (you dice off with your opponent).


The Doughboys are most effective against the Martians in assault, but this is also the most dangerous way to attack the aliens! A squad hurls itself into action!

image image

They knocked off a couple more points of armor, and the ‘Pod actually retreated! But on it’s next movement, Stephen won the roll to control it, and the Martian warmachine staggered back in among a horde of enemies! Both infantry squads in the picture there assaulted (after the MG squad and the tank softened it up a bit more. However, if you roll well enough when you damage a Tripod, it can explode…






Yes, the explosion of the destroyed ‘pod’s reactor took out all of the human units around it (everything within 6″ takes hits)! This actually broke both our forces at the same time! The humans and Martians both pulled back from the carnage with a bloody tie!

For the second game we got a little more involved and the Martians had to cross the board lengthwise and exit as many pods as they could off the opposite table edge. The humans had to stop them. This time we tried hidden movement, ambushes and some Martian special weaponry (Green Gas). Stephen deployed almost all his infantry hidden in the farm compound. His MG squad is in ambush, somewhere in his deployment zone. His MkIII tanks are in reserve.

image image image

The Martians have at most, seven turns to get across the board, most likely six. Moving their full distance every turn, they could just make it if they didn’t slow down for anything or spend too much time picking their way through difficult terrain. They reached the road as the human tanks fired away and the infantry scrambled to redploy to the center. The Rough Rider motorcyclists are moving in.


Just as the humans’ best armor is lining up their shots, Martian heat rays deal out death, routing tanks and infantry moving in to assault.

image image

As the terrified infantry flees for the rear, the human MG team waiting in ambush in the cornfield finally opens up at nearly point blank range…and destroys a Tripod with a lucky shot! The alien machine crashes to the ground.


The humans mount a desperate last-ditch assault, but fail to stop the Tripod, which routs and destroys them, and then does the same to the retreating MkIII unit.


We called it there, as the human army had been broken. But, had the game continued, I would not have been able to get more than one Tripod off the board, even had the game gone to Turn 6.

Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot. It played better than I thought it would. I first thought the Martians would easily sweep aside the humans but that was not the case. I can see that with some shrewd tactics and effective use of the weapons available, the U.S. Army can definitely turn back the Martian tide. There is some complexity, but the basic die rolling mechanics are very simple and go really fast. There is little to no chart referencing during play, and once you get the basic systems down, I can see where this game plays quickly compared to many other minis games.

I really want to get some of the Forlorn Hope minis for the U.S. Army – they’re a couple of figures dangling from a rope and you can hook them on to a Tripod so it looks like they’re climbing up. The Forlorn Hope is an upgrade for infantry squads and they pop out when assaulting Tripods, climbing up to plant TNT and grenades. They’re a one use thing (they’re assumed to die in the assault) but they give a hefty bonus to the infantry’s assault roll.

I also like the look of the Martian Scout Tripods, and I’d like to get some Lobototons (lobotomized human captives made into mindless slaves for the Martians).

So far, I haven’t seen anything about All Quiet on the Martian Front I don’t like. I have a couple more games planned next week and I’m looking forward to them!

Tallarn Taurox

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I realize I have not posted pics of the finished model here!


14271_815375585160117_5766505811638514219_n 1619377_815375548493454_3458392056603707564_n 10405448_815375468493462_4590316007531940379_n 10487432_815375568493452_974513080163087789_n 10612882_815375521826790_8296165254400688970_n 10650058_815375495160126_2119558998222800607_n 10653617_815375511826791_6813815402812040173_n1000602_816880021676340_7093514489718667122_n 10157230_816879955009680_9028291020007214610_n

Martian Tripod – The Original Xenos

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Finished my first Martian Tripod for AQ. Very easy to do, and now that I have the paint scheme down, I should be able to bust the other two out quickly. Then it’s game time!

Just sayin’ ‘Hi!’

photo 1

photo 2


photo 5


photo 3


Chain of Command

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Played my first game of Chain of Command today. Finally got to use those G.I.s I painted a few months ago. Bit of a learning curve but a fun and interesting game. My Yanks vs. Chris’ Krauts. The pre-game positioning and movement to contact is very unique and cool. I like the way this game does deployment.

Started off with a couple squads in the woods there. Another squad is in the back out of the frame. This was a basic patrol clash. I had three rifle squads and a 60mm mortar. Chris had the same plus a halftrack.


These Germans here shot the hell out of me the first few phases, but  I gradually wore them down with mortar and rifle fire til they broke at the end of the game.


A lot of the game was a medium range shootout between these squads here in the woods and the Germans. The Jerries and their MG42s put out ungodly amounts of fire. This was really hammering my squads here until my Lieutenant showed up to bolster their morale and keep them shooting. Think of the scene in Band of Brothers where Winters and his men are at Carentan and have to hold off the German assault, and Winters was yelling at his men to keep firing. Like that.


This halftrack rolled up and started spraying my G.I.s with bullets.



My mortar team is in the ruins back there. It did good work, and I kept it focused on the central German squad. The rifle squad there made it into that house, exhorted on by Sgt. Savales.image

The filthy Nazi commander shows up with his briefcase full of god knows what and keeps his men fighting. The mortars managed to knock him down wounded for a few phases.image


I eventually got these guys into a full firing line and began trading shots with the Krauts in the roadhouse.


The halftrack passes the roadhouse. The other German MG squad I was tradinf fire with the whole game is in that building.



The guy in the knit cap there with the grease gun is Sgt. Telly Savales. He had to boot these grunts in the ass to get them going, and they got going!image

Cinematic moment here. The bazooka team took three shots at the advancing halftrack, narrowly escaped a bunch of fire thrown at them, and then had to rummage around looking for more bazooka rounds. Finally knocked out the halftrack on their fourth shot!



The Jerries that were here finally had enough and bugged out!image

It was good to finally get a game in of this. The historicals crew has been playing for a while and their games always look pretty good. It was the first WW2 minis game I’ve played at 28mm scale and I did enjoy it.




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Thought I’d post on something pretty basic – primer. Any serious modeler and/or minis painter uses primer to prepare their minis for the actual basecoat colors. Now, some of the Tamiya primers are pretty damned good, but they are expensive at around $7-8 for a 3 oz. can. Some of the spray primer you can find in the game store give you more at 12 oz per can for about the same price. GW primer, btw, is a rip off at $15.75 a can. What’s in between? Auto primer.

There are a bazillion kinds of auto primer out there, from brand name stuff to cheap no-name stuff and everything in between. Therefore, finding a good primer that you like is kind of like finding a Chinese restaurant that you like – you just have to keep trying them until you find one.

Well, I’ve found mine. Of all the various primers I have used, Dupli-Color Sandable Primer is hands down the best, most cost effective primer I have ever used. I get it for $5.49 at the local auto parts store. I picked up two cans today for $12 total (compare that to $15.75 for the GW primer). This stuff goes on really really smooth, in thin layers and with excellent coverage that never clumps or dribbles. If you let it dry overnight, it provides a workable surface that you can sand easily, and it holds paint extremely well.

I’m not going to get into which color to use, because you probably know about all that (I usually prime black), but I just wanted to let you all know what brand I use, in case anyone is wondering. And no, Dupli-Color didn’t compensate me in any way for this glowing endorsement!


Up to no good! EPIC

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Still painting 40K stuff. What can I say, I’ve always liked the minis as I’ve said before. Stargrunt is still a far better game (and I need to get another game of that in I think). But lately, I’ve been playing 40K. Perhaps the more interesting news is, I have a game of Epic Space Marine laid on this week!

Yes, it’s been about 6 years since I last played, a big 6,000 point game played with my buddy Bruce as a send-off when I left Japan. As I recall our very first game of Epic all those years ago was a 6,000-pointer – we just went for it and put all our toys on the table. It was awesome.

I know you can play Apocalypse in 40K, but frankly, it looks silly. The table is filled with models with no room to maneuver and you just shove them all together. If you want to go big, you need more space and it’s better to up the scale, which is where Epic shines. You have more room to maneuver, the ranges feel more believable, the units are more manageable, and you can have a lot of super-heavy vehicles and Titans running around. Since units die fairly easily in Epic, it feels more like a big battle, with whole units wiped out in one go. The overhead view of an Epic game is…well, Epic!

The game I’m playing is part of a campaign of regular 40K. It’s a battle between the Nimbus Planetary Defense Force (represented by Imperial Guard units) and the Relictors Space Marines, who have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris and are out doing bad things like invading Imperial worlds.

So I’ve been reviewing the rules on my commute lately and remembering how simple they were. As with any rules GW writes, there were holes but nothing you couldn’t fill with some house rules.

Here are the forces we’re using:

Nimbus PDF (IG)


Tactical Company, Heavy Support Detachment
Tactical Company, Capitol Imperialis, Leman Russ Detachment
Assault Company, Sentinel Detachment
Artillery Company, Ogryn Detachment

Relictors (SM)


Tactical Company, Space Marine Commander, Whirlwind Detachment, Thunderhawk
Assault Company, Bike Detachment, Terminator Detachment
Land Raider Company

In other news, I’m working on a Land Raider Crusader. Should have that done in another week or two. I also painted a Space Marine Librarian a few weeks ago.


Feeling productive!

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So I have that Predator underway (primed it this afternoon). I also have a Razorback kit I was going to do after the Predator, but I figured why wait and put it together last night. The Razorback is magnetized too, though with far fewer magnets than the Pred (of course). I can magnetize things pretty quickly now – at least it seems quick. Anyway, that’s also primed and I’ll get down to actually painting these over the next couple weeks.

And if that’s not enough, I got a Space Marine Librarian that I’m prepping for priming.

And converting some las-plas weaponry for the Razorbacks.

Just a burst of energy at the moment.

A Hero’s Passing

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Totally nothing to do with gaming, but Major Dick Winters (of Band of Brothers fame) passed away on January 2nd.

In my life I think I have only known a true leader like Maj. Winters only once. Leaders like him are extremely hard to find and you’re incredibly lucky if you do.

Those who knew him were indeed lucky. Those who served with him were honored. The nation should mourn his passing and remember what he and others like him did for humanity 67 years ago.


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I’ve joined the Tabletop Gaming New Blog Network which I suppose will give me a little more exposure. My posts will pop up on their feed. Looking forward to meeting more gamers!